World Of Warcraft Power Leveling Basics Guide

A short guide to the basics of power leveling

The primary thing you have to always remember is the whole purpose of power leveling is to maximize XP in the shortest amount of time possible. There is a whole load of different World of Warcraft guides that claim to be the best but it is important to find the right ones that work for you.

I'm going to list a basic formula for power leveling. Follow this guide and power leveling your characters will be pretty easy.

First, World Of Warcraft guides tell you to do quest after quest but other guides tell you to grind your life away. Actually, the best way is to combine the two, but only do the quests that have you kill X amount of creatures or collect dropped items from creatures you are grinding.

You may want to make sure you check the drop rate of items so you can know what sort of drops you may get.

Next, you will want to download and install an addon which will show you the amount of experience obtained per hour. I usually aim for about 20-30k per hour from level 30-49.

In my opinion, you will want to just do quest after quest until you reach level 20 because gaining levels at this point in the game is extremely simple and pretty fast just by doing quests. After that feel free to throw in grinding with the questing and that should keep you leveling fast.

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