Battlefield 2 Chinese Weapons

Here is a full list of all the Chinese weapons in Battlefield 2.


The Avtomat Kalashnikov-1947, or AK-47 as its commonly known, was designed by and named for its Russian inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov. A sergeant during WWII, Kalashnikov began developing his new assault rifle in 1944 to take advantage of the lessons he learned during his time on the battlefield. He designed the AK-47 to be rugged, reliable, and simple in terms of operation and maintenance. Kalashnikov submitted his design to the Soviet Army in 1946 and it was adopted in 1947, giving the rifle its 47 designation.


Defibrillator, device that delivers an electrical shock to the hear in order to stop certain forms of rapid heart rhythm distrurbances. The shock changes a fibrillation to an organized rhythm or changes a very rapid and inneffective cardiac rhythm to a slower, more effective one. In a typically hospital defibillator, voltage stored by the defibrillator pushes electrical current through the chest to deliver a muscle-contracting jolt to the hear; the current is transmitted by means of electrodes or paddles placed on the chest.

C4-Detonator & Explosives

C4 is a common variety of military plasitc explosive specifically designed for demolition. Soft and malleable, C4 can be applied to irregular and/or curved surfaces in order to efficiently cut structural beams and girders-or used to breach steel or armor-reinforced doors and entryways. Requiring a detonator for use, C4 is relatively safe on its own. It's immune to bullets and open flame and can be stored or planted safely in any type of climate. C4 is commonly packed in one-lb block charges and only a few are needed to destroy an enemy building, bridge, or ship.

China Knife

The soldier's best friend, the combat knife has been in use since the earliest days of human conflict. Next to the rifle, the knife is the primary tool in any soldier's kit and is relied upon in many situations: combat, self-defense, and survival. Most modern knives are equipped with a seven-inch, ever-shrap stainless steel blade and a lightweight resin handle, and some versions contain a small survival kit which includes items such as a compass, fishing line, and matches.

MG Type 95

No information at present


After the tank's apperance in WWI, the landmine was developed to counter its effectiveness and dominance on the battlefield. The weapon proved a success during that war and it was further innovated during WWII, when millions of mines were planted on various European and North African battlefields. Modern landmines are smaller, lighters, and technologically superior to these older models, and they can be set to immobilize a tank or vehicle or completely destroy it. To comply with international treaties, most possess self-destruct or self-neutralization features in order to prevent friendly and non-combatant casualities.

Norinco 98 Shotgun

The Chinese NORINCO is a clone of the American-made Remington 870, which was first introduced in the early 1950s. One of the most popular pump-action shotguns ever made, the 870 began life as a simple hunting shotgun. However, when several thousand were purchased by the US Marine Corps in 1966, the 870 took on a new role as a combat weapon. It was shipped off to Vietnam where it served successfully through the duration of the war.

QSZ-92 9mm Pistol

The 9mm QSZ-92 is the latest sidearm in service with the PLAs forces. Developed in the mid-1990s as a replacement for older pistols, it was designed to be lighter, more reliable, and have less recoil after firing. The pistol is available in two variations with the only difference being the type of ammunition it can fire. The first, designated the QSZ-92-9, is configured to chamber common as well as Chinese 9mm ammunition. The second, designated the QSZ-92-5.8, is chambered exclusively for PLA 5.8mm ammunition. Both versions of the QSZ-92 feature an accessory rail under the barrel to fit a flashlight or laser sight mechanism.

Smoke Gernade

A smoke grenade produces either white or colored smoke for short periods of time. Although similar in design to the fragmentation grenade, the smoke grenade has no explosive potential. Smoke is produced from a delayed chemical reaction within the grenade. Troops typically use smoke grenades to conceal their movement from the enemy, such as instances when they must cross open ground or charge a defended position. Smoke grenades are also effective as a ground-to-ground or a ground-to-air signal and a target or landing zone marking device.

Type 85 Heavy Machine Gun

The Type 85 is a 12.7mm, crew-operated heavy machine gun. Designed primarily for use against low flying helicopters and aircraft, the Type 85 is also effective at suppressing large numbers of infantry or light armored vehicles. It is a standard heavy machine gun among the PLAs infantry battalions. It can fire armor-piercing or incendiary rounds.

Type 95

Commando Assault Rifle/Machine Gun: No information at present

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