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There is currently no information regarding a beta avaiable at this time.

(Detailed information regarding, sign-ups, press releases, and system requirements will be located here)


Pre-Alpha - Sometimes a build known as pre-alpha is issued, before the release of an alpha or beta. In contrast to alpha and beta versions, the pre-alpha is not "feature complete". When it is used, it refers to all activities performed during the software project prior to software testing. These activities can include requirements analysis, software design, software development and unit testing.

Alpha - The alpha version of a product still awaits full testing of all its functionality and is not feature complete, but satisfies all the software requirements. As the first major stage in the release lifecycle, it is named after alpha, the first letter in the Greek alphabet. Alpha level software can be considered approximately 35% complete, and typically includes temporary material and multiple product-breaking issues.

Closed Beta - The closed beta is a limited number of selected users to allow testing, of a product under NDA.

Open Beta - The open beta is a open test on software, but spots may be limited to a set amount.

Release Candidate - A Release Candidate (often shortened to RC) is a computer software release that is intended for testing, in anticipation of a final release. Release candidates are typically released to identify and fix small issues that may remain in software. Any number of RCs can be released prior to an official release.