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Vanguard Spheres


AdventuringWhen it comes to adventuring one of Vanguard's big goals is to bring back the challenge. Travel will become fun and exploring will be encouraged by limiting the amount of teleporting, but you can expect alternative travel such as horses, ships, and caravans. Dungeons will become dangerous and camping will be eliminated through the encounter system, which will require a player to move around in order to gain the most from a dungeon. Additionally, death will have consequences; you can expect corpse recoveries, but not naked ones. It will be easier to find your corpse, but you will still have to fight to gain your items back.

Although the focus of the game is on the grouping experience, as this is where the most adventure and the good loot can be found, Vanguard will feature solo and casual content. Certain areas will be geared more towards casual, group, and raid game play. The casual area will be available for those without a lot of game play time and won't require a full group. The grouping areas, will of course, require grouping, and raid areas will be for raids.


CraftingVanguard will feature a more advanced crafting system than has been implemented in any MMOG to date. Crafting will provide players with an involved, interactive, and exciting experience unlike any encounter they’ve had with crafting before. A player’s skills, equipment, clothing, tools, and the decisions they make while crafting will impact the final result they achieve. Crafting will contain its own experience, advancement system, skills, classes, and items.

The crafting sphere will allow you to master two skills. One is your primary, which is what you are most skilled at, and the other is your secondary in which you can only master basic skills or recipes. Crafting will have its own unique experience pool and character advancement can be done through quests. Another aspect of crafting is grouping. Complementing classes who group together will receive a bonus, which includes the possibility of increasing chances to both harvest more efficiently as well as harvest rarer resources.

Crafting will contain both harvesting classes (foreman, reaper, prospector, and gleaner) and crafting classes (herbalist, blacksmith, woodcrafter, stonecrafter, and outfitter). Although both reside in the crafting sphere, they will be completely independent of each other and harvesting will be more related to adventuring.

The Harvester
Foreman – Focused on maintaining group stats and resource quality.
Reaper – Focused on group buffs and resource quantity.
Prospector – Focused on resource integrity and the prediction of detrimental obstacles.
Gleaner – Focused on harvesting byproducts or resources.

The Crafter
Herbalist – Potions and infusions.
Blacksmith – Metal weapons, armor, vehicular, and structural components.
Woodcrafter – Wooden structures, vehicles, furniture, and weapon/armor components.
Stonecrafter – Jewelry, structural, furniture, and focus items.
Outfitter – Cloth and leather armor; armor components and bags.

(Note: These are the classes currently planned, but not promised.)


DiplomacyDiplomacy in Vanguard is meant to add an aspect to MMOGs that has been missing, and that is, combat doesn't solve everything. The Diplomat will play their game in the cities across Telon. What does this mean exactly? Diplomats will use their influence to convince or bribe their way into areas, quests, and even speaking with the King.

Decisions you make, equipment you wear, and the abilities you choose when interacting with an NPC will be important. Each of these will require a player to plan a strategy and think carefully about how they counter act an NPC's move.

Factions will tie into the diplomacy sphere a lot. Restrictions will be placed on select areas that will only be accessible through diplomacy. A great example can be found in the FAQ, "if you are going to get a quest from the King of New Targanor. Likely the guards aren't going to let you in, likely even if you are level 50 you're not going to be able to fight every guard in the New Targanor, so diplomacy would be a way to use your skills, perhaps your influence as an aristocrat, to gain access to the throne room."


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