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Vanguard Classes

Classes in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be based on traditional High Fantasy classes that we've all seen in various MMOGs, MUDs, paper & pencil games, and novels. They also provide a way to group like skills and abilities. Each class has a primary role they perform, but they also have a secondary role that can and will vary wildly. The goal is to make each class in a job distinct in style, abilities, and feel, yet still do the job as well as another class in that job. Have a look...

Protective Fighters

The Warrior
The Warrior is a basic, non-magical, heavy fighter. He relies on heavy armor and is unmatched in his ability to deliver damage when compared with other heavy fighters.

The Paladin
The Paladin possesses special powers called “Gifts of Virtue” and will also have melee attacks, spells, rescues, and combat forms/auras at their disposal.

The Dread Knight
The Dread Knight uses magic to inspire terror in the hearts of their opponents. His aura of fear will weaken his foes in combat. The Dread Knight will wear heavy armor and wield many types of melee weapons.

The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor is a heavily armored anti-magic tank class that utilizes psionic powers.

Offensive Fighters

The Ranger
The Vanguard Ranger will build on how they are often seen in RPG lore, but will be implemented differently. The Ranger will possess considerable martial prowess, spells, as well as stealth and tracking skills.

The Rogue
The Rogue uses stealth in combat as a means to his high-damage melee attacks. He will also be able to perform thief type abilities such as detecting and disarming traps and lock picking.

The Monk
In addition to melee combat the Monk will have abilities based on psionic powers. They will be able to cause opponents to suffer from vulnerabilities that other classes will then be able to take advantage of.

The Bard
The Bard can create songs by combing melodies, each having its own effect. However, you can expect them to do more then make music. They will use throwing knives to do large amounts of damage in combat.

The Berserker
The Berserker will use rage to his advantage. The more damage he takes and the more he gets hurt the more damage he can dish out.

It is said this will be a difficult class to play and a lot of deaths can be expected in the beginning.


The Cleric
Vanguard promised to drastically change how most healing classes work. In addition to healing, the Cleric will have special abilities called “Divine Favors” (can be cast spontaneously) and “Divine Rights” (must be prepared a head of time).

The Shaman
The Shaman is a healer who gains power from a spirit bond with a patron spirit. Your choice of spirit will determine your abilities.

The Blood Mage
The Blood Mage can use his own life and the life of enemies to heal and buff his allies. He will be the most arcane flavored healer so you can expect his melee combat to be poor.

The Disciple
The Disciple will focus his efforts mostly on healing. However, they can wield a large selection of martial weapons such as hand wraps, wind blades, and crescent staves. While he does not deal a large amount of damage he can still make a valuable contribution to his group.

Arcane Casters

The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer is a powerful class that draws on the power of the elements for his power. He will be able to switch between active elements, although it will cost him energy.

The Psionicist
The Psionicist will rely on the power of his mind to damage his enemies and buff his allies. One of his abilities his “mind bar”, which allows him to freeze an enemy in place and force him to engage in a mind battle.

This class will be available on Qalia and Kojan, but not on Thestra.

The Necromancer
The Necromancer is Vanguard’s first confirmed pet-dependent class. They can use dark magic to summon minions or animate the fallen in order to cause harm to their foes. The Necromancer will also have other abilities such as Feign Death, curses, auras, and single target fear.

The Druid
Vanguard has promised a new take on the Druid class and has strived to move away from the healer tradition. Not only will the Druid have the ability to cast some of the highest damage spells in game, he will have strong healing and support abilities. These abilities include using natural energies that buff or heal group members and to summon large swarms of insects to damage and lower the accuracy of opponents.


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