Enemy Territory Quake Wars Game Modes

  • There will be two game modes : Campaign and Stopwatch.
  • Campains game mode will usually consist of three maps with XP, then the XP reset at the end of the campaign.
  • Stopwatch game mode consist of two round on a map, the attackers try to win the round the faster they can while the defenders have to slow them. In the second round, the defenders become attackers and have to beat the time of the precedent attackers in order to win.
  • Each level will have one or more objectives for both teams.
  • The maps will be divided into several territories. Each territory will include a precise objective for each side, in addition to secondary objectives that help and encourage the team to complete their primary mission.
  • Each level will be based upon a specific backstory.
  • The maps are designed for 24 players, but a server will be playable by up to 32 players.
  • There will be several landscapes for the levels, the majority will be external.
  • The "Megatexture" technology, developed by John Carmack (Id Software), allows you to display complete landscapes up to 2 km.
  • The richness of the vegetation and the dynamic lighting system will allow you to hide easily.
  • The command map will allow you full access to specific team-related information. Including which territory is under control and where the action is taking place.

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