Enemy Territory Quake Wars Deployables

Anti-Personnel Turret

The GDF Anti-Personnel Turret is an airdrop-able defensive turret with search and track radar and autonomous fire control. Once called in by an Engineer, it will automatically detect and engage enemy infantry units with its 20mm Gatling cannon. GDF players can 'man' the turret, overriding the auto-targeting system and engaging targets of their choice.

Rocket Artillery Deployable

This GDF Rocket Artillery deployable is an airdrop-able multiple launch rocket system consisting of a self-loading array of 18 x 300mm rocket launch tubes mounted on a powered turret. The GDF Field Ops calls in the deployable and then designates targets for it. The rockets are fired in a ripple salvo that showers targets with a storm cloud of shrapnel. Reloading is automatic, but there is a significant pause before the deployable can perform another fire mission, as the whole array has to briefly lock off to reload.

Hammer Missile

The GDF Hammer Missile Launcher is a deployable strike missile, called in by the Field Ops, capable of inflicting massive casualties. The Hammer's warhead detonates over the target area in a thermobaric airburst optimised to inflict maximum damage to infantry and lightly armoured vehicles. The Hammer is relatively ineffective against structures, and cannot blast open fortified strong points - these targets must be attacked with the Strategic Strike Missile, fired by the MCP vehicle.

Anti-Personnel Turret

The Strogg Anti-Personnel Turret is a deployable defence turret. Once dropped in from orbit at the request of the Constructor, it will fire at any enemy infantry within range. Strogg Plasma cannon overheat rapidly, so the turret mounts eight of them to maintain a high rate of fire. A Strogg player can ‘man’ the turret, over-riding the automatic targeting to engage targets of his choice.

Psi-Radar Deployable

The Strogg Psi-Radar is a psionic surveillance and intelligence device, called down from orbit by the Infiltrator class. The Psi-Radar detects and tracks troops and vehicles within its range, passing that data on to the Domination Hub structure to be projected onto each Strogg players’ command map, removing fog of war and alerting them to human movement.

Strategic Strike Gun

The Strogg Strategic Strike Gun is a colossal tactical bombardment device, the original prototype of both Quake II’s Big Gun and BFG, and is deployed by the Oppressor class. In ETQW, the SSG represents the current state of the art in Strogg Bosonic Orb technology - generating and projecting a fizzing, flaming energy orb in a lethal arc across the battlefield, crashing into its target to inflict catastrophic damage.

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