Battlefield 2142 Clans Database

This section is new and we are looking for some clans to submit us their links so we can get adding them here to help others looking for a clan, If you would like to suggest a link then please provide us with the following infomation about the BF2142 clan.

  • Include full clan name and tag
  • Tell us if you are international or national based clan
  • Supply a URL

If all this is fine so far then there are just a couple of requirements we make before adding your clan and they are as follows:

  • Must be a Battlefield 2142 clan or multigaming clan of which plays Battlefield 2142
  • A clickable link back to us in return
  • Provide us with a link to where we can see the return link

That is it, Your done, Now all you gotta do is email all the infomation via the contact us page.

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