Battlefield 2 Points System

Battlefield 2 Ranking Points Guide

Battlefield 2 Points - Gaining Ranking points Guide

How to gain ranked points while playing Battlefield 2

Action Point Reward or Penalty

  • Kill an enemy +2 points
  • Change an enemy flag to neutral +2 points
  • Convert a neutral flag to your side +2 points
  • Flag assist +1 point (note 1)
  • Kill assist +1 point (note 2)
  • Flag defend +1 point (note 3)
  • Driver assist +1 point (note 4)
  • Heal 100 points of damage (other players only) +1 point
  • Revive a player +1 point
  • Give ammunition to player or vehicle (other players only) +1 point
  • Repair a vehicle +1 point
  • Team damage (take off 50% of a teammate's total health) -2 points
  • Team vehicle damage (deal 50% damage to a vehicle controlled by a friendly player) -2 points
  • Team kill -4 points (note 5)

Note 1: Flag assisting and flag capturing points all work together to form a comprehensive reward system. Assume that you and a couple of teammates are heading towards a flag owned by the enemy. The first player into the flag capture zone is considered to be the primary converter, and will earn two points for converting the flag to neutral, then another two points for converting it to your side. The two players that come in afterwards are considered to be assisting the primary flag capper, and will get one point for neutralizing the flag, then another point for converting it to your side. This is intended to reward players who risk their lives to go after flags that are in the hands of the enemy. If all players enter the flag capture zone simultaneously, such as by entering while they're all in a vehicle, then they'll all gain the full capturing points.

Note 2: Kill assists will reward players for dealing a good amount of damage to an enemy, but who aren't quite capable of finishing the job. If you deal more than 50% damage to an enemy, but one of your teammates finishes him off later, then your teammate will get the two points for the kill, but you'll still get a one point kill assist bonus.

Note 3: If a player is attempting to capture one of your flags, and you kill them, then you'll gain the two points for the kill, as well as a one point flag defense bonus. Sometimes it pays to guard the homestead!

Note 4: You earn a driver assist for each kill that a passenger in your vehicle obtains. If you're in a vehicle with a mounted turret that someone else is using, then you'll gain one point for each kill that they pull off.

Note 5: DiCE seems pretty serious about penalizing players for going after their teammates. You get a two-point penalty for dealing 50% damage to a teammate, then another four points for actually killing them, so you'll earn an eight-point penalty for killing a perfectly healthy teammate. (This is what it theoretically should be, but in most cases you wind up getting -6; apparently everyone takes a small amount of damage while spawning. You only get the minimum -4 points, however, for killing a teammate instantly, such as with a shotgun blast to the head or by running them over with a vehicle.) These penalties apply to teammates in vehicles, as well, so if you "accidentally" blow up a fully-loaded APC or helicopter, you can expect to take some massive penalties. What's more, server operators can set their servers to automatically kick players when they earn a set number of negative points, so you'll want to check your targets on servers with friendly fire turned on, which we expect will be almost every ranked server out there.

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